You Keep Your Car Where?

Jay Pellegrini, III, Shop Manager at PPG Cars discusses some of the benefits of storing your car at Pellegrini Performance Group.

Row of storage units, not climate controlled

Why do people need car storage?

There are many reasons why our customers need car storage. Many customers simply run out of garage space. Long term storage is also beneficial to people who go on lengthy vacations or are in the military.

Most car owners know the outdoor environment in Southeast Louisiana is not ideal as a long-term solution for keeping a car in good usable condition. The humidity is the main culprit. Even covered parking outdoors or non-climate controlled indoor parking can lead to problems that can be avoided simply by keeping the car in a climate controlled garage.

How much does it cost?

We offer introductory pricing of $150/month for the first 6 months. Depending on the length of contract, regular monthly prices can be as low as $210/month.

Why should people use PPG?

PPG is the ideal place to store your car for any length of time. PPG offers indoor, climate control storage with 24-hour video monitoring and surveillance.

What makes PPG different than other storage options?

PPG car storage customers get more than just car storage. PPG helps keep your car in tip top condition so it is always ready to drive. We periodically crank and inspect all of the cars stored at our facility. We also have power outlets by all our cars to allow a tender to keep the battery charged. We can also recommend and perform service work if the car has mechanical issues. PPG storage customers also receive exclusive service discounts and priority access to PPG facilities for hosting events.

When can someone pick up their car if they want to drive it?

We offer 24 pick-up if you schedule 1 day in advance.

Who is your average customer?

Our customers range from car enthusiast, to car collects. One guy said his wife made him move his sports car out of the garage because he loved it more than he loved her. I think he was joking!

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