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AWD Dynojet & Tuning


Dynojet 424x with Linx. Unlike inferior non adjustable wheelbase designs, the model 424x can adjust wheelbase with a push of a button from 88” to 140”. This allows the tires to contact the rollers evenly and in conjunction with the large drum diameter the 424x provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary tire slippage and deformation.


The result is precise, repeatable data every time. 


Horsepower and torque are measured at each drum and can be displayed and/or logged independently or combined. This feature allows you to assess the vehicle’s power-split and can also aid in troubleshooting drive-train issues. 

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Want to host a dyno day for your local car club or group? We are happy to discuss details and special rates.

Authorized NASA Tech Center

Now offering annual NASA tech inspection services! 

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