Dynojet - Baseline Pull - *SPECIAL

Dynojet - Baseline Pull - *SPECIAL

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

2WD baseline Dynojet baseline pull only. Includes 3-4 pulls, plotting, HP, torque, airfuel. Excludes tuning. Excludes AWD or 4WD vehicles. Limit one car per customer for each service. *Must be purchased online! There also maybe additional expenses to any vehicles with flat bottom services. These flat bottoms (under trays) must be removed to get strapped onto the dyno. If you purchase this, you are agreeing to these charges. 

  • Dynojet Waiver

    Dynojet Waiver. Required prior to Dynojet service appointment.

  • Tech Specs

    Maximum wheelbase of 130" 

  • Additional Details & Exceptions

    Tuning may be available at an additional cost. Please contact us directly to learn more or fill out a pre-tuning form here.

    Each purchase limited to one car per customer.