Dyno Rental

Dyno Rental


Dyno Rental! This price includes three hours of Dyno rental/tuning, a dyno technician and unlimited runs in three hours. If you needed more than a baseline with only three pulls to run maps, this is the ticket! When purchased you are locked into our schedule and guarantees the next available dyno spot. Dyno times start at 9am. Latest time to schedule is 2pm. If your dyno time runs over the three hours it will be $125/hour from there. Before purchasing please fill out a pre-tuning form on our "So you want a tune" page to verify if this the right purchase for you! Once purchased, feel free to reach out to schedule right away otherwise please allow 24 hours for someone to contact you.

-Dynojet 424x with Linx
-AWD Wheelbases limited to 131 inches

-Horsepower and torque are measured at each drum and can be displayed and/or logged independently or combined. This feature allows you to assess the vehicle’s power-split and can also aid in troubleshooting drive-train issues


  • Dyno waiver

    Please be sure to download our dyno waiver and have it filled out before your appointment date.  Our waiver can be found on our website.